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California Car Dealerships to Charge for Test Drives

It is not news to any commuter in the country that gas prices are beginning to soar. It is also known that the gas prices on the west coast are typically the high-water mark for prices nationwide. Due to these astronomical gas prices car dealerships in California are starting to charge for test drives.

Fox DC reported: In California before you get the keys for a test drive at some auto sales centers you must agree to bring it back with the same amount of gas you left with.

It seems like just yesterday when a dealership would pay the consumer to test-drive a car. Incentives including free dinners, sports tickets and even gift cards were the norm. Dodge even had a cross-promotion with Universal where the test driver would get DVDs of the first four Fast and Furious movies and theater tickets to the Fast Five for taking the new Dodge Charger for a spin.

I am sure dealerships will soon be rethinking this policy. When you take into account the costs associated with getting one qualified buyer onto a showroom floor; I doubt a dealerships will let a hot lead walk for the price of a gallon of gas.


Controlling Your Company’s Online Presence Comes First

When you are starting a business, one of the first things to do is register the domain name. The staggering cost is about $7, not much to pay to secure your brand. A computer geek with a great sense of humor named Bryan Mytko noticed Guy Fieri’s American Kitchen & Bar did not take this simple step. Bryan took it upon himself to help out Guy Fieri and crew and got a menu up on the domain for them.

This is the second hit Guy Fieri has taken on his new restaurant. The New York Times reviewed the reality star’s new endeavor and absolutely slammed the restaurant. Personally, I think Bryan’s menu looks better than anything the New York Times described.

The Panamania sounds great for a mere $24.00. Being a huge VanHalen fan there is no way I could pass on the deep fried snake served with a sparkler and a picture of David Lee Roth.