Wash, rinse, reevaluate, and repeat.

I know a lot of great sales people that are fantastic at building strategic account plans. These leaders in their chosen profession create and map plans of attack detailed in every aspect of the sales process from the initial call to the close. What many salespeople fail to do is analyze the deal once it is complete.

By analyzing our wins we can refine and tune our entire process. This is not only good for the sales person but also beneficial to the customer.

Our prospect’s time is just as valuable as ours. By eliminating unnecessary steps in the sales process, we deliver mission critical solutions to customers sooner, hopefully, before our competitors do. In streamlining our strategic account plans, we can also expect shorter sales cycles and more wins. Remember, time kills all sales.

My advice for the day is looking at your top 3 wins and dissect the process that helped you win the accounts. Once you have a clear understanding of how you won the deals… wash, rinse, reevaluate, and repeat.

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